Thursday, August 25, 2011

England V/s India Test Series

Adventures of Tom Sawyer Andrew Strauss - Whitewashing the fence "Wall" by Mark Twain Andy Flower.


  1. Where's the LIKE button. Okay... +1.
    Nice one

  2. Lol. Again, very imaginative and funny. I have one question though - why don't you draw full-fledged cartoons rather than using actual pictures of the characters? I know it'll be way tougher to do that at the initial stage, but you'll only get better with practice. These comics are already very good; the impact will get magnified if you use cartoon images.

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  4. Very good Mihir...
    We are seeing Cartoonist in the making... Keep going

  5. @Anurag : Thanks a lot !!

    @Musab - I get your point but drawing would take me ages to learn. I'll try. :)

    @Nachiket - Thanks, Nachiket :)

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